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Our values, vision and mission

Our mission is to increase pet’s quality of life through educating pet parents on how to make healthy food for their furry ones in their own kitchen.

Ever wondered why there are many pet food recall cases?

The pet food industry has been unregulated for the longest time, causing many negative health complications for our pets. These companies are creating pretty packagings with labels such as “Organic” stated on them, when the true produce that goes into making them is nowhere close to their claims.

I am here to help you make easy and rewarding meals where you are in complete control of the produce that goes in to their meals, keeping them at their healthiest.

The story behind Chefnpaws

In 2011 I became the proud mum of a female white Chihuahua named Angel Sanchez. Angel was not a normal puppy, she was the weakest in the litter and was suffering from pneumonia, anemia and not being able to gain any weight.

Despite my efforts in aiding her back to health, Angel was not progressing well and being  just 2 months old, i was truly afraid the odds were against her as the veterinarian had told me to prepare myself for an unfavorable outcome.

The commercial food advised by the pet store that had wrongly moved her on to kibbles at such a fragile age, was causing her stomach problems which in-return made her immune system weaker.

I was desperate as I needed to build her immune system and give her all the nutrients she needed as a growing pup but commercial food was not the answer. So i started researching and realized her best shot at recovery would be providing her the most nutritious meals and there came the link of me looking

thru research that proofs dog’s anatomy are not compatible with kibbles and like their ancestors they require a moisture dense diet.

Given that i live in the city and was not comfortable giving her a raw diet due to possible bacteria that could make her condition worse, cooked human grade meals was the second best option and i already had ingredients in my pantry to whip up a sumptuous meal that was nutritionally rich and natural. Not only was it fun and easy to cook her meals, it also forced me to eat healthier since eating out was not only costly but unhealthy too.

As she begin recovering at a miraculous pace, my interest in pet nutrition grew as i realized that though commercially available pet food is extremely convenient in our busy lives, it is not necessarily the healthiest nor the best option for our pets.

About Maiya Victoria, Founder

Having had an amazing connection with animals from a very young age, they had been a big part of my life and I could not imagine a world without them. These fury faces have always been my safety net throughout life’s adventures.

I had been a volunteer and also active in the rescue scene, it was only natural for me to end up in the veterinary nursing line as a certified canine therapist, where I felt I was needed. Soon enough I wanted to do more and get to one of the main underlying problems in pet health and that is Nutritional Abuse.

My mission is to give pet parents the right tools to have the best quality of life with their pets by ensuring they are not nutritionally abusing them which will help prevent many illness in the long run as well as the control of what goes in to your best friend´s diet. Cooking your pet´s meal will also force you to take better care of yourself, which in return makes a happier and healthier journey for all.

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