5 Odd Dog Eating Behaviors Explained


Pooches are cute; they are admirable, adorable, their every movement makes us all go ‘awe,’ when they try to catch their tail!  Yes, all these moments are endearing, but when it comes to dog eating behaviors, you might want to keep things in check, because this way you will be helping him big time.

Eating habits of your pet let know a lot about his health, mental and physical both.

So here are five canine eating habits with the interpretations.

Tipping the bowl over

Dogs don’t care a bit about the floor or carpet or cleanliness of your house; they are not the one who developed this system, you are.

If your dog likes his food on the floor, it can be because of many reasons, one being he doesn’t he doesn’t want a metal bowl. Metal bowls are tricky business for canines; the sound it makes when it comes into contact with the metal collar, the whole thing about bowls keep on gliding while a dog is trying to have a nice dinner and the hunter’s impulse.

First two are quite clear; hunter’s impulse is a reference to dogs’ hunting genes, evolution makes them hunters, and now that the prey is a bowl of cereal, they want to scatter it around the house just for the sake of old times.


If your impish bud is eating dirt after long intervals it is normal; researchers have seen this behaviour in old dogs, dirt has some minerals in it which dog now and then can use like potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron.

As long as they are eating it in small successions, it is fine, but if he has dirt pudding for every lunch, then there is a problem.

This problem is a form of pica; an eating disorder found in dogs, it means that your pooch is suffering from either depression or anxiety.

Eating rubber, blades, currency, nails, etc!

Yes, this eating disorder is being traced in dogs where they eat things that they are not supposed to eat, like money, rubber, nails or even blades.

This is just another form of pica, but more severe one.

Eating way too slow

Some dogs do that, there are some breeds of dogs which gulp their food as soon as they have their bowl in their procession, but some may take their time.

There are dogs which may take their food and take their time while eating it, half an hour, hours and maybe half a day.

But it is a normal and a healthy habit; canine taking time with his food indicates that he is feeling secured and doesn’t have a feeling that the food can be taken away from him.

Grass eaters

Eating grass is not normal for dogs, but they do eat it, why? Because they are looking for nutrients, this habit of pooches is kind of healthy some grasses do contain a lot of nutrients, but then there are chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers, etc., which makes it very harmful.

Word of advice here is that if your dog is eating the grass which you know is natural, it is okay but if not, then makes sure to stop him because it can be poisonous to him.

So, these are five dog eating habits and their interpretations, read them, keep them in mind and act accordingly, just keep your buddy safe and sound.


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