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    Good morning!! I am here to learn more about home cooked nutrition for my dogs. We have been making their food for a long time and thank goodness since you read about this dog food killing dogs or that dog food having xyz in it etc etc. We recently lost one of our dogs after he got 2 vaccines (3.5 days later he died 🙁 🙁 🙁 – and a lot of vet visits in between) I do blame the vet and the vaccines…but of course now I am paranoid for my other 2 and want them to be as healthy as can be. We used to put rice into their meals and recently read that too much rice could harm them so we are not using it in each meal now. I am a hue animal lover. We have the 2 doggies still – 2 shih tzus and we have 2 cats. They all get along. My dream (if only I had won that 1.6 billion lottery – hahaha) would be to buy land and to rescue all the animals from the pounds!!