Beef and Fish Rice For Dogs

Preparation time
20 mins
Cooking time
40 mins
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4 pounds
ground beef
1 medium
sweet potato
1 cup
white rice
1 cans
2 cup
Green peas
6 small
6 pcs
ground egg shell
2 tbsp
2 cup
Beef and Fish Rice For Dogs

There is no doubt in it that every dog needs to have properly balanced nutrition to stay healthy. But still, several people miss offering a healthy home cooked meal to their puppy. The thing is dogs should also eat a nutritious diet to stay fit and healthy. Well, if you are wondering to make something palatable as well as extremely healthy then this Beef and Fish Rice For Dogs is what you should count.

It is highly delicious, nutritious and will surely make your adored pooch drool for more. Why not make this tempting meal today and showcase your love for your pup! I bet, your dog will be grateful, and you will surely get some extra tail wiggles.

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  1. Take a bowl or a pressure cooker and cook rice until they are soft.
  2. Now cook ground beef and drain all grease.
  3. Take a sweet potato and microwave for about 10 minutes or until it turns soft.
  4. Now bake eggs shells at 177 degrees C on a cookie sheet.
  5. Blend and mash them until they turn into a powder.
  6. Now steam the peas and finely chopped carrots.
  7. Mash them with chopped ginger and rosemary.
  8. Now drain mackerel.
  9. Add all these ingredients to the rice pot.
  10. Add eggs and heat the mixture together until eggs are cooked.
  11. Allow it to cool and serve in the bowl to your lovely pup.
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